Brad Kato Pottery


I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and graduated from Punahou High School, after which I attended Reed College and Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where I acquired my interest in graphics, sculpture, and pottery. I received an MFA from the School of the Art institute of Chicago, and taught for several years in the Chicago area, mainly at St. Xavier College.

I moved to the Hudson Valley in 1975, and have operated a full-time one-man studio in Rhinebeck, New York since 1978. All my work is individually wheel-thrown or hand-built out of stoneware clay which is then bisque fired, individually glazed, and then fired again at 2300°F.

All the work is food, dishwasher,and microwave safe, and may be used in an oven as long as they are not subjected to sudden extreme shocks. Just remember that they are not Corning Ware™ or Pyrex™. Ware with cane handles should be hand-washed, the handles can get wet, but should not be soaked, and should be allowed to dry, the woven rings pushed back down if necessary.


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